#12 Something about Real Live Songwriting - Workshop Soundbyte

August 16, 2017

So we had a badass little break of episodes over summer (it was great thanks!) because reasons, but we're back with more episodes. This is a short one, but it's pretty cool. Pasquale gives songwriting workshops, which did not take a break over summer. Music never sleeps! At last week's workshop on August 11 we worked on one of Kim's songs, putting together her lyrics and music ideas for the first time. You'll hear us with two other workshop regulars, Katerie and Benjy, throwing around ideas and forming the song. Pasquale sung it in the workshop because Kim was too triggered as usual, but we've tacked on a rough version of her singing it at the end here. We will keep working on it and keep you posted! If you're interested in attending one of Pasquale's Songwriting Workshops in Montreal or having private coaching you can reach us at thebadasseryshow@gmail.com - Thanks for listening and enjoy!


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