#17 Beers with The Money War

January 22, 2018

Just in time for Australia Day we have an interview with an awesome band from down under! The Money War is from Perth WA and are making waves reaching the rest of the world. I sat down with them in November in between tours and learned about their recent success after being discovered on Triple J Unearthed and having a serendipitous trip through USA. Check them out on all the popular streaming channels and enjoy the episode!




#16 Birthday Cast - My Music Past and Future

October 16, 2017

Yesterday was my 30th birthday so I decided to solocast about it! This was my first time podcasting alone and i think it went pretty well if you ignore the shitty audio quality and the coughing fit half way through (hangover reasons) !! I decided to talk about my music background, how 2017 really changed everything, and what I am planning for next year, both personally and for this show. Hope y'all enjoy it!


#15 Fake Scotch with Julien Wiseman

October 7, 2017

Today's guest is local Montreal singer songwriter Julien Wiseman. I met Julien earlier this year at an open mic night where he is a regular (Ye Old Orchard, Price Arthur - shout outs!). We talked about his eye-opening experience in Nashville in 2016, his songwriting goals and process, and the album he self-recorded and released called "Everyday Heartbreak" link below. He also plays a live acoustic track - enjoy badasses!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulienWisemanMusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2vlqRRq3v7wHDmq7xGsyU8



#14 Something about Beatboxing with 12-year-old Dennis Polzin

September 7, 2017

Today we are sharing an interview with a superstar kid, 12-year-old Dennis Polzin of Colorado USA, who exhibited some top notch badassery earlier this year. His school had an end of semester talent show coming up, and Dennis decided he would learn - in secret - how to beatbox, and would perform at the talent show if he was selected. His parents had no idea he had been learning or practicing, and shortly before the talent show, were concerned that he didn't in fact probably know how to beatbox. Worried for him, but hoping the best, they attended the talent show, which he was selected for, and were absolutely blown away by his performance. They later found out he learned in secret, often practicing in the shower and with his buddies. Dennis gave a stellar effort on the day and also gave us a little sample of his beatboxing during the interview. We wanted to know what inspired him to learn, why in secret, and how he learned. So resourceful! Enjoy the interview :)


#13 Gin with Claire Porter and the Stouts (+ special guest!)

August 24, 2017

Many people in the Montreal (and even wider Canadian) music scene are familiar with the powerhouse voice that is Claire Porter. Kim sat down with Claire and her surprise guest Mart Brennan to talk about travelling and music, growing up and its subsequent inspirations, her top female music inspirations and we guarantee you'll learn something about a bunch of things! Claire is an extremely intelligent and talented young woman with a very bright future in music. She's got tips galore on songwriting and process and I think it's fair to say she's pretty damn badass. Sorry not sorry for the extremely long episode, listen in spurts if you need to! Thank you for listening and happy songwriting :)


#12 Something about Real Live Songwriting - Workshop Soundbyte

August 16, 2017

So we had a badass little break of episodes over summer (it was great thanks!) because reasons, but we're back with more episodes. This is a short one, but it's pretty cool. Pasquale gives songwriting workshops, which did not take a break over summer. Music never sleeps! At last week's workshop on August 11 we worked on one of Kim's songs, putting together her lyrics and music ideas for the first time. You'll hear us with two other workshop regulars, Katerie and Benjy, throwing around ideas and forming the song. Pasquale sung it in the workshop because Kim was too triggered as usual, but we've tacked on a rough version of her singing it at the end here. We will keep working on it and keep you posted! If you're interested in attending one of Pasquale's Songwriting Workshops in Montreal or having private coaching you can reach us at thebadasseryshow@gmail.com - Thanks for listening and enjoy!


#11 Something about Musical Logic, The End of Guitars + Exciting Announcements

May 8, 2017

Badasses - we packed a lot of goodness into this episode. It's long but worth every minute - trust! In this ep we introduced some new segments, made some SUPER exciting announcements and had a laugh while going off on a few worthwhile tangents (obviously). You'll learn about The Do Something Principle to ignite your motivation and inspiration for songwriting, some nerdy principles of musical logic and why Pasquale believes we should do away with guitars altogether. Enjoy and thanks for listening <3


#10 Something about How We Discover New Music

May 1, 2017

In this episode we talked about how and where we discover new music. Somehow the discussion got to Trump’s musical taste (if anyone can enlighten us, please do!), Siri makes a guest appearance (again) and quite frankly things got silly. Because reasons. We also discover that Kim is a moronic hypocrite, when she accidentally uses the word narcissistic instead of pessimistic (I blame the Bourbon) and then proceeds to judge the narcissism of the shameless selfie generation. It might be wise to play a drinking game with this episode: a shot every time we say triggered, shoutout, “they’re definitely listening” (about anyone) and the words “boy” or “girl”. Cheers badasses! 

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Thanks for listening!


#9 Moonshine with Gabriel Campagne (Les Barricades)

April 19, 2017

In what could be our most badass episode yet (for serious though) - we sat down with quirky and energetic Montreal musician Gabriel Campagne of Les Barricades, a bottle of Moonshine and his guitar. Kim met Gabriel in 2016 at the TO Webfest, an event now in its 4th year that celebrates independently produced online content (whatup podcasts!). Gabe was in Toronto to receive the award for the webseries linked below, Nikola Tesla and the End of the World. How he was involved will make you lol, for sure. Learning we were both living in Montreal, we kept in touch and when Les Barricades formed recently we jumped at the chance to have him on the show. You may know of his musician Mother, Connie Kaldor who is known as the Prarie Godmother of Canada. Aww! We learned about his family's heavy involvement in music, talked about gypsy music, the beauty of the German language and of course we had a stunning cameo from Mitch, Pasquale's band mate. Enjoy! 




https://www.youtube.com/user/JordanPetersonVideos (because reasons)


#8 Something About PC Culture in Art and Music

April 9, 2017

Badasses, we brought back honorary host Tom (plays bass with Pasquale in the band Videoman, can be seen frequenting Indigo Bookstore downtown and has the meanest man bun in MTL) to talk about PC culture in art and music. We got a little philosophicsal and existential at times, but we did our best to stay away from the political. We talked about Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell, why free speech is important and why censorship of art and music is dangerous. We apologize if anyone is triggered, and whether you agree or disagree, would love to hear your thoughts on the matters!