#14 Something about Beatboxing with 12-year-old Dennis Polzin

September 7, 2017

Today we are sharing an interview with a superstar kid, 12-year-old Dennis Polzin of Colorado USA, who exhibited some top notch badassery earlier this year. His school had an end of semester talent show coming up, and Dennis decided he would learn - in secret - how to beatbox, and would perform at the talent show if he was selected. His parents had no idea he had been learning or practicing, and shortly before the talent show, were concerned that he didn't in fact probably know how to beatbox. Worried for him, but hoping the best, they attended the talent show, which he was selected for, and were absolutely blown away by his performance. They later found out he learned in secret, often practicing in the shower and with his buddies. Dennis gave a stellar effort on the day and also gave us a little sample of his beatboxing during the interview. We wanted to know what inspired him to learn, why in secret, and how he learned. So resourceful! Enjoy the interview :)


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